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Event: Icelandic National Day
Date: June 17

Icelandic National Day, June 17, 1944, is a holiday in Iceland and celebrated as the day that The Republic of Iceland was formed, becoming independent from the Danish Monarchy. The date of June 17 was chosen because it is the birthday of Jon Sigurosson, a major figure of Icelandic culture and the leader of the 19th century Icelandic independence movement. , Icelanders celebrate this holiday on a national scale. The celebration traditionally takes the form of a parade through each urban area with a brass band at the fore. Riders on Icelandic horses often precede the brass band and flagbearers from the Icelandic scout movement traditionally follow the brass band. After the parade several speeches are held out in the open, including one from Fjallkonan (the woman of the mountain). She represents the fierce spirit of the Icelandic nation and of Icelandic nature; this is in many ways an inheritance from the period of romanticism that reigned when the first steps toward independence were taken after this celebration takes place with musicians entertaining the crowd, candy being given to the children in huge quantities, and gas-filled balloons escaping their owners and flying to the sky.

Event: Event: Seamen`s Day
Date: June 03

Annual event based on an old Icelandic tradition to honour those who make their living from the sea. Includes numerous cultural activities, parades, arts and crafts activities for kids, food fairs, rowing races and sailing competitions.

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